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Yes, I am the real Sue Thomas who was the inspiration of the weekly TV series, Sue Thomas:FBEye, shown not only in the USA but also continuing to show in 65 nations around the world.

Yes, I really did work for the FBI as their undercover ’secret weapon’ using my lip-reading abilities.

Yes, I am profoundly deaf and can keep my audiences laughing with all of my funny words.

Yes, I would be delighted to be your keynote speaker~just call and invite me!

It has taken me a lifetime to learn to speak, but as my father always said, “It’s taken Sue so long to learn to talk~now we can’t get her to shut up!”

Once again, Welcome!!

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The Best Kept Secrets of Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers are sometimes referred to as keynote speakers or as inspirational speakers, but the meaning is always the same: They are speakers who have compelling stories and speaking prowess, and who are able to use those to galvanize and fire people up. They are often hired to speak at events by schools, companies, religious bodies and a variety of other organizations. In practicing their craft, there are a number of techniques that make them as effective as they are.

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Another key secret that is used by motivational speakers is practice. A lot of the speeches they give seem unprepared and off-the-cuff, but they are rarely so, if ever. A good motivational speaker prepares his speech or has it prepared well in advance of the time to deliver it, and then consistently practices every day to get it completely right. This includes the jokes, dramatic pauses and even the audience references sometimes.

This greatly eliminates the risk of making a mistake in the course of the speech, or not properly covering their content in the space of time allotted to them. Lastly, the use of notes is something that most motivational speakers do, but try to hide from the audience, like Live Sex Cams. They often have tiny notes that are located somewhere convenient and which they glance at in the course of their gesticulations. In all, being a motivational speaker is a great profession, just like the effects they have on their audiences.